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Tracking your employees time and attendance accurately is critical when determining their pay. If your time system is not accurate it could end up costing you thousands of dollars per employee per year.

Cutting payroll related expenses

In many organizations personnel time keeping is a hit and miss process. New labor laws more clearly define who is a hourly employee and who is not. The necessity to provide a clear record of whether the person was on the job or not can be seen in the rising and sometimes outrageous workman's compensation claims in many states.

Various means are used to track personnel time. The most common is the punch time clock. This device lends itself to fraud in that others can simply clock in a buddy by inserting a card for stamping. Errors in time clock in are also difficult or impossible to document, creating issues later. Many job time abuse claims stem form the inability of the organization to accurately track and total personnel time. Hand written time cards or pay slips turned in by personnel do little to verify that the person was actually there and on time, and that they worked the hours reported.

PC and Web based Time clocks provide the most efficient means of controlling attendance and time record keeping. In many of these systems, the total hours for a period can be viewed by a supervisor in real time, enabling closer management of overtime. Decisions on who is to work to finish a job can be based on total time worked for the period.

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