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Group Health Insurance

Good benefit packages are a key ingredient when recruiting and retaining quality employees and the largest component of your benefit package is Group Health coverage.

Figuring out that you need a benefit package is only the first step. You will then need to decide which package will best fit your budget and the needs of your employees. That is where we come in.

With our state of the art group health benefit quoting system you will be able to compare side by side the offerings of several different health insurance providers along with the cost of each of their plans.

Below you will see the health insurance carriers that we offer, you can click on their logos to be directed to their individual websites.








The first step is to fill out the census form located at the bottom of this page with all of the pertinant information about your company and employees. After completion, simply return it back to us via fax or email and we will generate a personalized quote within 24 hours. Of course we understand that after you receive the quote you will have several questions that will need to be answered, and we encourage that because we want you to make an informed decision and that is why we are only just a phone call away.

Click Here To Download Health Census Form

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