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Payroll Debit cards are fairly new and they offer the opportunity for those employees that do not have bank accounts the ability to take advantage of direct deposit services. The card can be used at ATM machines nationwide or any retail establishment that accepts Visa Debit cards.

Global Cash Card™ Prepaid MasterCard® for Payroll can eliminate the need for paper checks completely. If increasing payroll direct deposit is a company objective, the Payroll Card program allows you to substantially increase your participation - even up to 100%. The Payroll Card provides everyone the ability to get paid via direct deposit and avoid the fees associated with check cashing. Employer Benefits include NO setup fees and NO monthly access fees.

Benefits Include:

  •  No charge to make purchases when making a signature transaction or purchasing online
  •  Free, live bilingual customer service 24/7 via toll free number
  •  Cash from any ATM machine        
  •  Make purchases everywhere Visa Debit card is accepted including online or by  phone
  • Rent cars, make airline and hotel reservations
  • Track spending online - transaction records are always available
  • Get cash back at merchants with purchase (requires PIN transaction)
  • Pay bills by phone or Internet
  • Eliminate check cashing fees


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