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We are pleased to announce that we now offer a very powerful and robust time and attendance software called TimeLegal. TimeLegal is the next generation of PC Time Clock Software.

Take a look at some of the unique features below.

1. Mouse less quick clock in and out. Push F2 enter employee number, Push enter, enter password, push enter. Three easy keystrokes that's all.

2. Barcode Clock in, with or without password. We can also create the barcodes with your employees pictures on them too if desired, just laminate to a ID badge and use our inexpensive hand scanner. Great for larger employee base companies that need to rapidly clock in numerous employees at one time.

3. Positive period closings. Define periods weekly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, or monthly, when the period is through, print timecard totals, verify and close period. Closed periods provide positive audit proof detail and cannot be changed.

4. Unapplied time tracking. Know exactly how much income producing time you have per employee.

5. Overtime tracking. Cut overtime by 50%, easily identify who is in overtime to make informed decisions on who to work to finish a job or project.

6. Project and Job Tracking. Track total labor cost by job or project for all personnel assigned to the job even in different locations.

7. Schedule work times. Create shifts and assign personnel to work, print reports for company, location, department or individual. Optionally require management Ok to clock in after grace period.

8. Multiple Security Levels. Limit access to sensitive payroll data areas, show only clock in screen without reveling who is clocked in or out, definable by user.

9. Reasons and employee feedback. Everyone has a reason for late clock in or out, record the reasons AND their comments for later review when the time comes.

10. Export all data. Access to all files in TimeLegal provided through our Import / Export engines. Use for statistical analysis and to transmit your employees hours directly to us for payroll processing.

See below for screen shots

Employee Clock In Screen

Optionally, each employee can be assigned to a project or job through a tracking # and or jobsite. Reason for clock in and comments can also be chosen for later review and job / project costing.

Main Administrator Time Clock Screen

Manage time worked the easy way, with just a quick glance at the main administrator clock in screen, you can tell who is in overtime and who is not. No color= not at overtime for period yet, Yellow= overtime, Red= Double time. Easily view DT: Daily time, PT: Period Time,and OT: Overtime.

Employee Scheduler Screen

Give your personnel who have a problem with remembering when their shift starts or which days they are scheduled to work an individual take home shift schedule, and end the confusion.



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